SIM Golf is pleased to announce our partnership with Swizzy Golf to bring you amazing virtual golf lessons
at our facility! Don’t just take swings – take a lesson!

When you come to SIM Golf, you can get more than just some reps. We’re providing you with the option
for live golf instructions through the Swizzy Golf (http://www.swizzygolf.com/) app –
the first golf technology platform to enable live, remote golf lessons – and 10% off your first lesson!

It’s pretty simple – think FaceTime PLUS or Zoom:

  • A Media Library To Access Prior Lesson Content
  • Annotations On-Screen During The Lesson, For Enhanced
    Analysis & Lesson Experience
  • Live, In-Lesson Video Replays For Your Coach To Analyze
    With You In Real Time
  • Messaging Access To Your Instructor (Both Pre- & Post-Lesson),
    For Continuous Development & Easy Communication
  • Snapshots / Video Recordings To Track Progress

And the best part – all you need to bring is your phone! We’ll have
a Bluetooth speaker, in case you don’t have headphones; a set of
relevant swing tools; and a tripod, so your camera will be
positioned perfectly.

To get set up:

  1. From your app store, download under ‘Take Lessons’ here:
  2. (https://swizzygolf.com/download-contact/?utm_source=simgolf

  3. Message coach Sang Lee in the app or through the
    contact information below to coordinate a time that best fits
    your schedule.
  4. Book a SIM Bay (preferably in Bay #1 – Phil Mickelson,
    since that is where the teaching equipment is located) at SIM Golf
    for that time.
  5. Show up for your lesson!

For any questions, reach out to us or the Swizzy Golf Team
at support@swizzygolf.com.


Head Teaching Professional & Touring Pro

Lesson Rate: $65.00 Per Hour

Washington State Men’s Golf (2010-2015) | ⇨ Asian Tour (2016-2018) | ⇨ PGA Tour Canada (2021-2023)

I have 16 years of competitive golf experience at every level, including the Alberta Junior Team, the Amateur Team, the Canada Summer Games Team, and the Young Pro Squad Members; Division I collegiate golf and professional golf experience around the world; and 19 years of golfing experience. I am very knowledgeable of the golf industry and have been teaching students throughout my playing career. I have learned under world-class teachers in Asia and the U.S.

* Fluent In English & Korean *


  • Developing good relationships with my clients through integrity and trust.
  • Mainly focusing on giving each client as much value to their lessons as possible, as well as making sure
    they have fun while doing so.
  • Making things easy and simple for clients to grasp ideas right away and make improvements.
  • The ability to dissect the golf swing and pinpoint the core issues for dysfunctional golf swings.
  • The knowledgeability of golf swing functions for different age groups and body types.
  • Understanding of the biomechanics of the human body and the limitations people have in their body.
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