All prices are per simulator, not per person

MON - THURSOpen - 3pm $35/hr3pm - Close $45/hr
FRI - SATOpen - 1pm $45/hr1pm - Close $55/hr
SUNDAYOpen - 3pm $55/hr3pm - Close $45/hr

  • Up to 6 Players per SIM; 18 Holes = +/- 45min/player
  • $15/hr Upcharge for Tiger Woods VIP Suite
  • $5/hr Upcharge for Jack Nicklaus Extra Wide SIM
  • The last 5 minutes of your booked time is reserved for simulator set up and maintenance.
  • It is recommended every player bring their own golf clubs.  We have a limited number of golf clubs that can be rented at a rate of $25 per occasion.